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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April PAD Challenge: Personal Mythology Prompts Day Twenty-Two - The Animal

Poem #22

wind and rain, but I want to see if anymore monarch's have hatched this autumn day, and there, on the cyclamen, a butterfly fresh from it's chrysalis, swaying, wings closed, waiting still for the right time to go... how will it know? how will I?

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  1. Really too late in the season last year, our autumn, my son and I tried to save some monarchs, from eggs no bigger than the ball of a ball point pen & tiny thin pasta pieces less than a quarter of an inch - caterpillars. We watched the process - safe in a butterfly house - in our home. But they had caught a 'bug' and were not able to fully form their cocoons. But we did see a monarch 'hatch' from under a neighbors mail box and watch for a time as it waited for its' wings to dry... JulesPaige

  2. It's a beautiful process to be part of. I remember as a kid at my Nanny and Granddad's house I'd sit on the back step and watch the caterpillars munching away, getting fatter, and look for chrysalises on neighbouring plants. The monarch caterpillars sure can strip those swan plants!

    We orginally grew swan plants as they are good for companion planting and we try to kept our vege garden organic, but they have been so much more to us than that.

  3. Like a chrysalis-your question hangs at the end of your piece- perfect-