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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April PAD Challenge: Personal Mythology Prompt Day Three - Loss and Distance

Poem #3

leukaemia -
not letting the tears fall
until i phone mum

Copyright © 2011 Kirsten Cliff
For the prompt used to write this poem, please go here.


  1. Poignant and heart stopping in three little lines. Amazing.

  2. I can totally relate, Kirsten. Very powerful!

  3. Hi Judy and Cara - thank you both for stopping by to read and comment.

    I found this a very emotional prompt to work with. I answered all the exercise questions with the day two prompt, but with this one I couldn't even do one question: just broke down in tears, and later came up with this. There's still not enough distance between my loss.

  4. Words enough, Kristen, to pierce the heart.