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Friday, April 8, 2011

April PAD Challenge: Personal Mythology Prompts Day Eight - Inheritance

Poem #8


Mum's recipe for Apple Almond Pie
coming down through the wires to me

left shoulder raised, holding phone in place
scribbling ingredients on a scrap of paper

butter and sugar – beat together
add the egg and almond essence

mix it all with flour and baking powder
the chopped apples and milk come last

PTO for the time and temperature
plus a poem about Dad and me

Copyright © 2011 Kirsten Cliff
For the prompt used to write this poem, please go here.

An actual scan of the recipe I wrote down -
everyone in our family loves this pie!

PTO and it's part of a poem I wrote about an early
childhood memory - complete with spelling mistake!


  1. Simply wonderful, Kirsten. The phone call, the scribbled recipe from your mum, and a poem, too. How purely delicious.