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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Submitting to Paper Wasp Magazine

I submitted ten poems to paper wasp, an Australian magazine, for the first time recently (it was my submission for week 9 of 2011).

paper wasp publishes haiku, senyru, renga, and tanka, and is edited by Katherine Samuelowicz. You will find the full submission guidelines here.

I admit to not knowing much about paper wasp or Katherine, only what I've read on the website. So all I can do is wait to hear if any of my work is accepted. Katherine did sent me an email back quickly though, to acknowledge receipt of my poems, and this is something I like.


  1. Did you get a final decision about your haiku? I submitted some in May and also got an immediate acknowledgement saying they would be considered for 17 (2)to be published on June 1 2011. I haven't heard further although I did send a polite reminder a short while ago asking if they had made a decision, but no response. Don't know if magazine is out, late or whatever

  2. Hi David -
    No, I didn't hear back, so sent an email a week ago asking to be advised of the status of my submission. A reply came that I'd been unsuccessful this time round. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get a response to your follow-up email.
    All the best, Kirsten

  3. Thanks Kirsten,

    I will probably follow up in a week or two - it's irritating not to know if only from the point of view of not knowing whether to hold off sending that particular batch of haiku to anyone else. As you heard recently it may be they are slowly getting around to responding to emails