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Friday, March 25, 2011

At the Graveyard

Inspired by my angel photograph below, I wrote "At the Graveyard" in late 2009. The shot was taken at Te Awamutu Cemetery on a spring afternoon in 2008. I'm heading to Te Awamutu over the weekend to spend some time with family and wonder what new treasures I'll find while exploring the nooks and crannies of places I know less well than home. I hope you enjoy your weekend :) Happy writing! (You can see more of my images on my Photography page.)

By Kirsten Cliff © 2008

At the Graveyard

Sleeping angel,
white witch of the heavens,
are your wings heavy
here on earth?

Your radiance
has worn thin, grown pale,
have our sins weathered
His holy soul?

A cloud-soaked sky
draws each dream upwards.
I reach out to touch
what isn't there.

Copyright © Kirsten Cliff
First published in Valley Micropress, Vol.13, Is.1 (January, 2010)


  1. Your blogsite comes up the most all year as a consistent individual visitor.



    I just sent a friend poem that was supposed to make her laugh but she said she just about cried. She said it felt real and I said it was in response to a prompt and no way is representative of my relationship with Graham.

    Maybe Im the one with the warped sense of humour. Do you wanna see it
    I want to know if it made you laugh.

    Cheers janet

  2. Yes, I'm a loyal reader :)

    You can email me the poem, Janet. I'm up for a laugh.

    Kirsten x