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Friday, March 18, 2011

Location, Location, Location

My fiancé and I love our home, but the location... Not so much. Somehow, in our rush of excitement to move in together, we ended up living on a very busy road. As I said, we feel in love with the house.

Two years on the traffic has increased, soon the road will be turned into four lanes, and to top it all off, a childcare centre started up right next door!

We are looking forward to moving within the year to a much quieter place. In the meantime, we long for winter so we can cocoon ourselves into the double-glazed goodness that is Wordsmith House.

Here are two poems I wrote in the first few months of our life here together:

Domain Road

At night
when the traffic slows
I hear the conversations
of the people walking past.

A woman calling her cat
the laughter of young lovers
that distinct sound
of a skateboard
rolling over the joins
and imperfections in the pavement.

When he returns
                               I sleep.

Writer's reign

We sat on the couch sharing
lazy-sunday kisses
our move into love-making

blanketed by the traffic noise
and the banging of the
horizontal blinds.

He said we would be
'right as rain'
two poets drafting

out a life together
safe in each
other's embrace.

Both poems: Copyright © Kirsten Cliff
First published in Valley Micropress 12:6 (August, 2009)

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