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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reading the Haiku News

Have you been inspired by a news story that resulted in a haiku?

Then Haiku News is the place to submit it!

This is an online newspaper edited by Dick Whyte (NZ) and Laurence Stacey (USA) where "the personal is the political is the poetical."

I don't watch or read the news religiously, but Haiku News intrigues me.

I first thought it would be difficult to write haiku on a current event. Yet when I became open to the idea, I found that some news stories did inspire me, and I now enjoy having another outlet for my haiku.

I visit the site almost daily, and have read some very moving poems there. You can read one of mine here, and I sent in a further submission last week.

Please read the Submission Guidelines for full information.

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