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Monday, August 8, 2011

July Round-Up - A Month Of Gratitude

July: the second River of Stones month for 2011, where people all over the world took time out each day to pay attention to something fully and write it down. My practise of this observational exercise was enhanced by adding gratitude to the process: it made me more grateful of the things in my life as I looked around, listened, touched, tasted, photographed, read and rested. Why small stones of gratitude? See here.

As part of my practise of gratitude and abundance, and as July was my birthday month and the 2nd anniversary of my engagement, I decided to have a draw to give away two haiku books. The post about that here and the winners here. It's cool to have so many new people join me on Swimming in Lines of Haiku and great to be sending out two New Zealand haiku books to readers and writers in America. I think I'll run a haiku competition for my 2012 birthday so stay tuned!

Here's how I'm doing on my 2011 goal of submitting poetry to a publication or competition every week:
  • week twenty-seven - submitted one haiku to Wednesday Haiku @ Issa's Untidy Hut - accepted!
  • week twenty-eight - submitted seven tanka and seven haiku to paper wasp, awaiting outcome
  • AND submitted a tanka to Red Dragonfly (Melissa Allen's blog) mushroom feature post - accepted!
  • week twenty-nine - submitted ten senryu to Prune Juice, three accepted!
  • week thirty - submitted one previously published haiku to Pin-ku, awaiting outcome
  • AND resubmitted three haiga to Notes from the Gean (due to change in editor)
Me with my haiku on the Papamoa Poetry Walk
for New Zealand's National Poetry Day 22/7/2011
July was a fruitful month as I reaped the rewards of my past poetry and prose labours -
  • Four of my haiku appeared in 'poetry walks' around parts of Tauranga as part of National Poetry Day on Friday 22nd July
  • Prune Juice (Issue 6, Summer 2011) came out with two of my senryu
  • a fine line, The Magazine of the New Zealand Poetry Society, came out with my feature article A Haiku Journey
  • Melissa Allen's Mushroom Harvest post came out with my tanka
  • Excellent Writing (July Issue) came out with two of my senryu and the final of three Quick Tips For Freelance Writers
  • Three of my haiku appeared in the May/June Sketchbook “vegetable(s)” haiku thread (#07, #40, #48). “sunday brunch” was named "Editor's Choice" by John Daleiden, and “sunday brunch” and “pulling up” were named "Guest Editor's Choice" by Bernard Gieske, and "returning home" and "sunday brunch" were named "Editor's Choice" by Karina Klesko. This means all three of my entries were highlighted in the judging process; not bad for my first time participating.
An update on the state of affairs re my various artistic projects -
  • I finished my haiga calendar and had one printed so I could see how it looked in the flesh. I'm really happy and excited about it so will now get several more printed out for family Christmas gifts. Sorted!
  • I haven't made any new collage haiga this month and I still have an unfinished one on my art table from May! Hopefully I can get that completed in August and then I will have two full albums of collage haiga that have haiku and tanka from my collection exploring my leukaemia journey.
  • I did manage to finish my vision board around finding a new home, and what a mammoth task that was! Now it's time to make the magic happen :)
My completed vision board!

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