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Friday, July 1, 2011

small stones of gratitude - day 1

It's day one of the July River of Stones challenge that will see hundreds of people across the world noticing something with their full attention and writing it down, then maybe sharing it by posting on their blog, Facebook or Twitter (#aros).

I've decided to practise gratitude and abundance this month in connection with my vision board so am calling my stones "small stones of gratitude" - to notice something, write it down, and be thankful for it each day in July.

I've almost finished my vision board re my fiance &
I living in our ideal home together. Part of vision board
work is keeping a gratitude journal so I'm using my
small stones this month to help me with this practise.

As July is also my birthday month and the anniversary of my engagement, I'm giving away two books here at Swimming in Lines of Haiku. Read the info about that here. It's all part of my commitment to the practise of gratitude and abundance and I hope you'll join me. It's going to be a joy-filled July :)

small stones of gratitude - day 1

Today I'm thankful that I turned my head at just the right moment, which meant I saw three goldfinches gathered on the unkempt lawn in a patch of winter sunlight, their red heads so vibrant against the lush green grass, before they flew away, out of the garden and out of my view.

Cutting out pictures for my vision board - it's good to
look up now & then to appreciate what I already have.
(And check out my hair growing back!)


  1. And off we go- see you in the river! Loving that you are already in day 1! I go to bed thinking about beginning July tomorrow-

  2. Yes, I've set sail! Will pick you up tomorrow, Teri :)

  3. Oh Kirsten - I love your idea of gratitude. You humble me dear lady. :) And this small stone is a perect gem !!!!

  4. :) Thanks so much, Jo.
    Practising gratitude in connection with being observant for small stones is really enhancing the process of each.

  5. Hey, Kirsten. Was linked to your blog by my friend Aubrie Cox after I discovered a way of coping with my Cerebral Palsy by writing positive small stones every day during my rehabilitation process.

    Your idea was great, and truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your visions with the world. I will be subscribing. Looking forward reading much more of your work.

  6. Hi Victoria - it's great to meet you here in cyber space.
    Very cool to hear that writing is helping you process your experiences. Writing has been a life saver for me through all my health issues. It keeps me connected: mind, body, spirit.
    I look forward to seeing you around Swimming in Lines of Haiku!
    Kirsten x