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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vision Boards And Sticking Stuff To Other Stuff

I'm in the process of making my biggest ever vision board. Hubby-to-be and I are looking at buying our first home together later this year and this vision board is my contribution to the magic of making it happen.

Vision boards have worked for me in the past (it's how I found my wonderful man, after all!) and plus, I just love sticking stuff to other stuff! Most of my vision boards end up becoming a work of art, and although I use words, it's a good exercise is working/playing with images to a greater extend.

Vision board in progress - approx. 1m x 1.2m

I made my first vision board in 2008 with friend and fellow writer and artist Janet Keen. Janet has vision boards all around her home and studio, and has had great success from them. Check out her recent post on How to make a vision board. You can also read an article I wrote about Janet and her art, which she has archived on her blog here.

Check out an earlier post of mine, including two poems, about why we want to move from Wordsmith House - Location, Location, Location.


  1. very good kirsten well done. i am coming to tauranga tonight to the NZSA i could call in to see you on the way back.

    my cell is 0273513887 if you can txt me i dont have your cell number or home phone number and cant remember address must to a vision board on memory regaining.
    Cheers janet

  2. A nice offer, Janet, but nights aren't good for me and I'm not too well just now with my current treatment. Another time. Hugs! And enjoy your meeting :)

  3. I love the vision board-I am currently working toward an art space that will let me once again cut, paste and create with real paper and glue. I notice you mention your current treatment- sending blessings.

  4. Thanks, Terri. I'm struggling a bit at the moment, but will get through with the help of my art and writing and the postivie people in my life, like yourself :)

    I've taken over the dining room table! However, when we move I will have a room of my own to create in. Glad to hear you're reclaiming art space, room to play and process the world, inner and outer.

  5. I stayed the night with ee in Tauranga. it was fantastic she is the most amazing hostess. We stayed in the spa pool talking about writing ntil 11 at night. Magic.

    Cheers jsnet