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Friday, July 1, 2011

It's My Birthday This Month & I'm Giving YOU Gifts!

Yes, July 31st is my birthday and I'm celebrating with you by having a book give-away!

Become a 'follower' of Swimming in Lines of Haiku this month and I'll put you in the draw to win a copy of the taste of nashi - New Zealand Haiku (Windrift, 2008).

standing naked
in moonlight -
the taste of nashi
           ~Sandra Simpson

It's easy!
  • Sign up to be a 'follower' via Blogger or Networked Blogs.
  • Once you're a follower, please leave a comment on one of my posts and I will put your name in the hat for the draw.
  • One entry per person during the month of July, 2011.
  • Winner drawn at random on 2nd August, 2011.

As July 31st 2011 is also the 2nd anniversary of my engagment - if I have more than twenty new followers during the month, I'll also draw a winner for a 2nd book, Before the Sirocco - The New Zealand Poetry Society Anthology (NZPS, 2008).

autumn wind
following her footsteps
through the leaves
                   ~Sophia Frentz

Do come and join me at Swimming in Lines of Haiku where I explore my poetry journey and help you with yours by offering discussion and information on competitions/workshops/calls for submissions and websites/books/people of interest.


  1. hi, kirsten! it took me awhile, but I figured out how to follow!

    happy birthday month! :)

  2. What a great idea, Kirsten! My birthday is in July as well. I need to think of something nifty like this to do!

  3. Okay, so I have a question, Kirsten. I already follow your blog through Google Reader. Does anyone know how that differs from following through Google Friend Connect, or Networked Blogs?

    And I also have a July birthday. Must've been a great month for having babies. ;-)

  4. Hi Angie - great to have you on board! :)

    Hi Margaret - Happy birthday to you this July! I wanted to do something as it was small stone writing month as well and I'm using my stone writing this month to practice gratitude so it all feel into place! :)

    Hi Cara - yay, another July baby! :) Thanks for following me through Google reader - I had no idea! Maybe that's the difference - I can't see that you're 'following' me. So you still have the opportunity to go in the draw by signing up to 'follow' via Networked blogs or Blogger on the right hand side bar. Good luck!

  5. Just sharing the love, Jo :) And by gosh, do I love haiku! Just reading some very fine pieces in the latest issue of Presence. I'm in some fine company indeed!

  6. Pick me, pick me!! :) I'm already following you as you're on my Blogroll from my Origami Lotus Stones blog. :-D

    ~Kathy (aka Lotus)

  7. Love the enthusiasum, Kathy, and look forward to more of your stones this month! :)

  8. What a generous thing to do! I've started following, of course. ;)

    Damn, you guys do some really spectacular covers for your anthologies!

  9. Thanks for joining me, Aubrie :) I shall add your name to the hat!
    The NZPS consistently comes out with fab covers; the last 3 I've been in have really impressed me.

  10. I, too, am already following you as a Google Follower! Would love to be entered for the book drawing and meanwhile, happy birthday!

  11. My birthday is the day after yours! Believe it or not I was about to follow you before I read this post. I like how you are doing 'small stones of gratitude' and look forward to reading more as the month goes on.

  12. Thanks for following, Daphne, and for the birthday wishes! :)

  13. Hi Kylie - good to connect up with you here, my fellow Leo. Glad you're enjoying my small stones of gratitude :) You're in the draw!

  14. You do realize that you have the same birthday as Harry Potter, right? It can't be a coincidence...

    Yes, will follow for loot. Am shameless. Also...love your writing, so there's that.

  15. Melissa - I also recently found out I was born on Lammas (a pagan/wiccan day) so could be why J.K. Rowling chose 31 July.
    Thanks for connecting up here :)
    You're in the draw with the others!

  16. Hi Kirsten,

    Thanks for the link to your blog. I love your work, just fantastic.
    Here's to a happy upcoming birthday.
    Health and happiness,
    Love Lia xx

  17. Thanks for the good wishes, Lia :) Great to have you around. And you're in the draw!

  18. Happy pre-emptive birthday.
    Cheers from Australia,

  19. Followed via Networked Blogs!

    Happy Birthday. May your next year be over flowing with all things wonderful :)

    Would love to win the taste of nashi. Thank you for this competition :).

  20. Hi Cereal Stray - great to meet you here. You're in the draw!

  21. What fun! (I'd follow you anywhere!)
    Thx for the invite!

  22. kirsten, i think i did "follow" your blog OK!! please let me know, if i didn't-many thanks! what a wonderful idea to do this!
    hugs, pamela

  23. Susan - thanks for stopping by and staying a while :) You're in the draw!

  24. Happy Birthday from Texas Kirsten! I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness!

    I also love what you're doing with haiku and put a link to your blog on mine (scratchesonlinen@wordpress.com). I'm also following you through Google Reader.

    Blessings to you on this most joyous of days!

  25. Hi Karen - good to meet you here in cyberspace :) You're in the draw!

  26. Happy Birthday Kirsten! I hope the coming year is full of wonderful surprises, healthy living and love.
    Kat C.

  27. Happy Birthday- and congrats on your month of small stones of gratitude-xo teri

  28. Thanks for coming along for the ride, Teri!