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Friday, August 5, 2011

Being Aunty Kirsten

My sister came to visit today with my baby nephew so I could take some photos of them together. It's cool being Aunty Kirsten for a couple of hours and seeing the changes in my nephew each time I see him. Here's a senryu I wrote when he was still in the womb and I was a spectator at my sister's ultrasound scan.

seeing faces
in the scan
that aren't the baby's

Prune Juice, Issue 6, Summer 2011

It's a wonderfully sunny day here so we headed to the beach for a short time. The waves had come out to play and there were many surfers enjoying themselves out on the ocean. It looks like this weather might last through the weekend. I hope you have a good one where ever you are :)

Photo taken by Kirsten Cliff at Papamoa Beach 5/8/2011

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