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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Decemeber Haiku Share: The Week That Was #4

The last full week of Cara Holman's December Haiku Share is complete, and we're now on the home stretch. Below are the links to the last seven days of posts, and the haiku, tanka and haiga I've shared along the way. Now that the Christmas rush is over, come and join in for the last few days! You'll find a supportive community of folks sharing their love of haiku and related forms. (Here's the link to the latest prompt - afternoon fog)

storm clouds . . .
can hope be caught
in a spider’s web?
– Kirsten Cliff
NaHaiWriMo August 2012

she advises
I’m at high risk
of a relapse
I breathe in air heavy
with crushed dreams
– Kirsten Cliff
Moonbathing 6, January 2012

first spring day this breeze her hair
– Kirsten Cliff
DailyHaiku Cycle 12, Dec. 12, 2011

he creates
a new centrepiece
for the dining table
a size nine shoebox
full of medications
– Kirsten Cliff
Presence #44, June 2011

on the morning
of her death, I sit
for the small differences
between these wild finches
– Kirsten Cliff
~for Svetlana Marisova
Simply Haiku, January 2012

(click on image to enlarge)

– Kirsten Cliff  
Notes From the Gean, 3:2, September 2011

dragon fire . . .
the way he moves me
this night
– Kirsten Cliff
The Language of Dragons, January 2012
(Yay Words! project edited by Aubrie Cox)

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