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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Literary Gift Company

I came across The Literary Gift Company when reading Joanna Preston's blog this week and I couldn't resist going straight to the website.

I wasn't disappointed! Filled with glorious delights for book lovers, this UK company is into wares that recycle old books, and began out of a family book selling business.

These people are the real deal. They have jewelry, kitchen items, clothing and stationery, amongst much, much more. I want you to go and discover it for yourself, but will tempt you just a bit further with three that took my fancy...

  1. the Virgina Woolf typewriter pin - "Books are the mirrors of the soul"
  2. the "Go away I'm writing" mug
  3. the 'Paperback' Perfume (for that wonderful book smell we all love)
They even have a haiku t.shirt, which I find funny and offensive all at the same time. Let me know what you think. Cameron has challenged me to write a better one. I haven't yet accepted.

August is their first birthday so it's discounts all round. Just type 'dickens' in the 'voucher code' section at the checkout for your 10% discount. I put my first order in today so will let you know how it goes.

The Literary Gift Company blogs at http://giftsforbooklovers.blogspot.com/
Joanna Preston blogs at 'A Dark Feathered Art' http://jopre.wordpress.com/


  1. If we had that paperback perfume, I'd just sit there snorting it all day!