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Sunday, February 3, 2013

c.2.2. -- Anthology of short verse

The c.2.2. anthology, edited by Alan Summers and Brendan Slater, and published by Yet To Be Named Free Press has just been released! All works appear under a pen name, but I can now reveal that two of my poems are within its pages . . .

silent night terror

New Year's Day
the only thing different
this calendar

c.2.2. is an anthology of short-verse poetry tackling themes such as loss of identity, poverty, racism, homelessness, unsentimental love, crime, punishment, in short, real life. Each poet is identified by a pen-name, there are no frills, lavender or lace in these pages, just honest, gritty and experimental verse that will hopefully make the reader sit up and take notice, get inspired and rethink the role of short-verse in not only the poetry world but also in society which is after all both subject and audience.

c.2.2. can be purchased from Createspace here and soon from Amazon; see the press release here. I've ordered mine and can't wait to read it! My thanks to the editors for this exciting new project.

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