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Friday, January 4, 2013

Mindful Writing Challenge: Day 4

today is Friday
today is a slow day
I take my smoothie outside
and sit on the sun 

in front of me I see
the shine of a half-buried marble
a backyard tickled with dandelions
a marshmallow city in the clouds


  1. Oh God how i love that last line

  2. When I get my spring dandelions I hope I can remember your word "tickled!"

  3. " a marshmallow city in the clouds"...that did it for me. Enjoying your small stones. Kirsten!

    1. Ahh, a crowd favourite it seems. :)
      Great to know you're reading along, Sanjuktaa, and enjoying them, too!

  4. I was just looking at my marshmallow photo of the clouds when I came across your small stone. Love this post!
    I think I'll start joining. I've been gloomy lately. Maybe this will perk me up. :-)

  5. Thank you, Chrissi! :)
    Sorry to hear you've been down. Things like this daily challenge keep me going through the tough times.