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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two Great NaPoWriMo Giveaways!

The wonderfully supportive and energetic Kathy Nguyen is running two competitions to celebrate National Poetry Month.

The first is a haiku/senryu/tanka contest on her blog - Origami Lotus Poetry
Take a look at all the details here, and you'll be able to see my entry already in the comments section.
She is giving away a copy of Peter Newton's What We Find to the winner, and you can read her review of the book here.

The second is for WOWH members and the giveaway is one of Fiona's or Kaspa's e-courses!
You can find the prompt and all the info here, and if you're not already part of the Writing Our Way Home community then why not consider joining. You can find out more about WOWH here.

There's still lots of fun to be had this April!


  1. My sincerest gratitude for the post, Kirsten!! *HUGS* If I do not have enough people, I may extend it to another week. I'd love for someone to have it though in honor of NaPoWriMo, and plus Peter Newton would be thrilled. :)

  2. Oh, just wanted to give you this link as well: http://alotus-poetry.livejournal.com/129767.html
    (Peter's response to my review for your reading.) :)

  3. You're most welcome, Kathy :)
    Many people will wait until the last day, so don't worry yet! KC x

  4. Aw, cool! Thanks for the link, Kathy.