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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November Round-Up - The Hills Are Alive With Haiku

Gosh, so much happened in November that I don't know where to begin! Definitely the busiest month this year, jam-packed with good things. It started with a short honeymoon after my partner and I were wed on 31 October. A week after getting back we bought a house. Then about two weeks after that we moved!

We've been in our new home a week now and are enjoying the quiet and quirks that come with a life lived in the country. One change that we weren't expecting was the downscale to dial-up Internet. Although it is kinda cool to be so rural that we can't get broadband. It means you have to slow down. Perfect!

Here's how I'm doing on my 2011 goal of submitting poetry to a publication or competition every week:
  • week four-four - submitted ten haiku to Notes From the Gean, three haiku accepted!
  • week forty-five - submitted ten tanka to Ribbons, one tanka accepted!
  • week forty-six - submitted five haiku to the Thom Williams Memorial Contest (first time submitting here)
  • week forty-seven - submitted five haiku and five tanka to paper wasp (awaiting outcome)
  • week forty-eight - submitted five haiku and five tanka to Kokako (awaiting outcome)
November saw my poetry appear in a handful of stones twice, and my first week of haiku published on DailyHaiku, which you can read here. I was very pleased to see that the 'bride-to-be' haiku went on-line the day before I got married!

Only four weeks left now of submitting each week and I would have achieved the goal I set for myself in the first week of January. I won't be keeping it up in 2012 (especially not with dial-up!) but I'm sure I'll find another challenge to excite my senses. There is certainly a lot of haiku to be found around these parts :)


  1. Congratulations, Kirsten! What a frutiful cycle for you and I hope to read more of your excellent lines.