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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Poetry of Your Soul

I know not
all the details of your life
and your death,
but am blessed to have read
the poetry of your soul

~for Svetlana


  1. Kirsten,
    This is a beautiful tribute and I echo your words. Some poets, Svetlana being one of them, have that gift of writing from their very soul. Svetlana enriched our lives and our own poetry and I am grateful to have known her, albeit too briefly, and look forward to travelling with you along this path

  2. Thank you, Claire. There are some of her poems that I'll never forget, and some I'm still finding new meaning in. I'm so grateful to have the copy of Comtemporary Haibun Vol.12 with her haibun in it - there is something special to me about having her words in print. Definitely one of my most cherished books.