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Friday, February 4, 2011

January Round-Up - What a Month!

A warm welcome to my new readers and all those that have popped in over the course of January - international small stones writing month. I greatly appreciate your comments, and ticking of the 'like' and 'cool' boxes at the bottom of my posts :)

I've loved writing a small stone a day and adding it to the river, and have benefited greatly both mentally and spiritually from doing so. At the same time, I wrote up my small stones in my Mslexia Writer's Diary: a diary I bought for the first time this year and am so glad I did; highly recommend!

I've also enjoyed stopping into other stoners' blogs who I may not have found if it wasn't for this challenge, and I thank you all for sharing your stones. I look forward to submitting my ten best stones this month, and eventually reading many others' in the book to be put together by Fiona Robyn.

January saw me make a goal of submitting poetry to a publication or competition every week for 2011. Here's how I'm doing:
  • week one - submitted six tanka to Eucalpyt (first time submitting here) won't hear outcome until after March 31st submission deadline for Issue 10
  • week two - submitted one senryu to Haiku News (second time submitting here) was accepted, you can read it here
  • week three - submitted five haiku and three tanka to Kokako; had two haiku and one tanka accepted for Issue 14, April 2011
  • week four - submitted to Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition (first time submitting here) results will be announced March 31st
I also created a 'My Photography' page here at Swimming in Lines of Haiku, and submitted images to (all for the first time):
  • Four and Twenty (online short form poetry journal) - my image was chosen as the cover art for the January issue
  • The Bay News 'Weather Photo' Page
  • The Bay News 'Holiday Photo Competition' - closes Feb 4th
  • And I'm very excited to have been asked to provide cover art for the next issue of Kokako (Issue 15, September 2011) Many thanks, Pat :)
I've continued making collage-style haiga for my collection: four this month, to make a total of twenty-three. I have written two new tanka so far this year for the collection, and still have several haiku and tanka already written to turn into haiga.

I had the opportunity to show them to my local fellow haiku writers at a small gathering in Tauranga on the 29th, which resulted in some good feedback. I'll carry on with this project while it still has meaning for me and the creative process brings me great joy.

January is extra special too because I made it to my first 100 blog posts! Thanks again to all those who have come along for the ride :)

So as you can see, there has been lots of great things happening for me, alongside my continuing treatment for leukaemia. Roll on February!


  1. Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Kirsten! Now that I've seen all your small stones, I just went back and marked my 10 very favorites. :) If you get a chance, I'd love your feedback on mine, cause I don't know how I'm ever going to choose between them!

  2. Hi Cara, thanks for the good feedback :)
    It's great to do this wrap-up of the month and see what I've been doing as it's so easy to forget, but seeing it all together in one place makes me proud :)
    People ticking the 'like' feature on here really helped me chose which ones to submit. I will go through and have a read of yours and let you know.