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Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Links to My Writing this Month

During November, I've had two pieces of writing appear on-line.

First, is a poem, My Depression is a Room, on Head Lines NZ, which I wrote a couple of years ago. It's one of those pieces that I knew would find it's right place in this world given time. Thanks to editor, Jodine Derena Butler, for accepting my work yet again. I'm pleased to support this project, and encourage other New Zealanders with any experience of mental illness to take part, or take a look. Jodine's personal poetry blog is Poetry Out West

The second, is an article, You've got to have faith: Inspirational art from Janet Keen, that was published in Bravado 16 in 2009. It's an interview of friend and colleage, Janet Keen, and she has kindly put the article up on her blog. I did a few issues as Bravado's 'roving arts reporter' but sadly this Tauranga produced publication has now closed. A big thank you to Janet for giving my article another life. Check out her blog for creative ideas, inspiring quotes and colourful posts. Below: Bravado 16 cover art by Janet Keen.

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