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Friday, October 1, 2010

Haiku Tattoo Anyone?

I imagine that the haiku masters never thought their poems would be inked into someone's skin. I feel it would be an honour: the ultimate contemporary haiga, perhaps? Definitely as good as having your haiku carved into a boulder on the Katikati Haiku Pathway . Both as permanent as permanent can be in this world.

I got onto the topic of haiku as tattoo when my little sister asked if I knew of one around the theme of family that might work with the tattoo she is about to get: seven birds in flight, which symbolise the members of our family. A quick Google search revealed that people were indeed being inked with haiku, in traditional Japanese Calligraphy .

I'm excited that my sibling would think to include a haiku in her first tattoo, and happy that I have brought haiku into the lives of all my family members. I hope they are richer for the experience. I look forward to talking with my sister this weekend about how we can express her thoughts about our family through haiku.

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