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Monday, October 1, 2012

October Oops!

The beginning of another month and I'd usually be showing readers the corresponding page on my 2012 calendar of haiku and photography, but . . . I unfortunately got the last two months in the wrong order, missing out a winter page! So I've now put all the months, up to October, on a separate page, which you can view here. By the end of the year the whole calendar will be up and you can view them at your leisure.

Please click on the image to see full screen.

In place of my October calendar page I've posted the above haiku and image. The haiku is part of a rengay I wrote with Cara Holman on dreams, which was published in one of Aubrie Cox's Yay Words! projects. You can read the full rengay, "Dream Catcher" here, and download your own pdf copy of the ebook that it appeared in, Fox Dreams here. The photo is of the Kaimai Range (or My Mountain as I affectionately call it:) and was taken from my home on a misty spring morning last month.

Tomorrow begins a week of tanka and images here in collaboration with Margaret Dornaus and her blog Haiku-doodle. Our recently published tanka sequence, "Forever Home" (LYNX, October 2012) was written from our respective travel photos, and now we'll bring you the photos along with the tanka. Tune in each day as we bring you a pair of tanka and images between us. We hope you'll enjoy a further insight into our first tanka sequence together, as much as we enjoyed writing it. :)

September was a busy one for me: writing an essay on my favourite haiku for Haiku NewZ, sending in my huge submission of 100 haiku for A New Resonance 8, writing my November haikai column for a fine line, submitting to the 20th Anniversary Rengay Anthology, entering The 4th Kokako Tanka Competition and participating in a further two kukai. Hoping October will be quieter!


  1. It really adds another dimension for me, seeing your photos matched with your haiku-- a little glimpse into your world. This haiku was a favorite of mine!

  2. Beautiful haiku and image, Kirsten . . . Excited for our upcoming posts. Happy Spring!

  3. Thank you, Cara! Yes, it's a favourite of mine, too. :)
    And I was serious about us doing some photo haiga together. How about I send you a couple of images and see if you have any haiku that link with them. Then maybe you could send me a couple of haiku and I'll see if I have a photo to add another dimension?
    Great to see that Aubrie is the new haiga editor at AHG.

  4. Thank you, Margaret. :) I love my mountain!
    And yes, looking forward to our week of posts together. Such a fantastic idea you had!