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Thursday, September 20, 2012

too much

I wonder what it would be like not to speak aloud for a whole day. No words. From my mouth. For twenty-fours hours. No songs, no soliloquies, no swearing. Out loud. No language of love or lament or loathing. Out loud. Or in whispers.

I'm sure I say more than is necessary. Maybe most of us do. But could I make it through a day without talking? And what would I learn from doing so? Is it possible to be overwhelmed by such an experience, by too much God? Or is there only goodness to be found through such a practise?

chemotherapy all the people I've lost along the way
contemporary haibun online vol 8, no 3 (October 2012)


  1. So very powerful . . . and beautiful. Thank you, Kirsten!

  2. Thanks for saying so, Margaret. Much appreciated! :)

  3. I'll tell you what would happen... I'd lose my last marble, wondering what was going on!

  4. Thanks for your input, hubby, will take it on board! ;-)