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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Take Five Tanka

I'm so very excited to have three of my tanka chosen for the latest (and last) volume of Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka. M. Kei and a team of editors from around the world (two of which were New Zealanders! Patricia Prime and Owen Bullock) read over 18,000 tanka published over the course of 2011 and chose the best to come together in this fine anthology.

Although a tanka may be as small as a pebble, it creates expanding ripples in the mind of a receptive reader, ripples that touch far shores, with the polished perfection of the poem as the still center of meaning and experience. ~M. Kei

I'm honoured to be there alongside so many of my friends within the on-line haiku community, and especially two that we've lost to cancer - Svetlana Marisova and Hortensia Anderson. My three tanka to be included are all from my leukaemia journey and I'm grateful that they can now be read by many more people so that they might reach the very souls that need to read them.

the second-hand books
from my wheelchair
today I decide
not to feel ashamed

Eucalypt 10 (May 2011)

                    planning our wedding
                    in the hospital chapel
                    while I have chemo
                    I am not dying
                    but a part of me is

                    Presence #44 (June 2011)

                                        my drug regime
                                        with the doctors
                                        I tell them that today
                                        they may see me cry

                                        paper wasp 17:3 (October 2011)

My thanks to M. Kei and his editing team, and to the editors that first published my tanka. You can by your copy of Take Five from Createspace or from Amazon.com.


  1. I recently read these in Take Five; fine work!

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to say so! And nice to "meet" you here in cyber-space :)