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Sunday, January 29, 2012

When A Poem Finds Its Home

I'm beginning to believe more and more that every poem has a home, which will be found eventually. Prune Juice is a place where senryu of mine (some written back when I began in 2007) are finally finding their kin and I'm so pleased that these poems, which I was starting to think just didn't fit anywhere, are now being enjoyed by an audience who can appreciate my humour.

          at the lookout
          we view pics
          on his camera

                    valentine's day
                    buying tampons
                    on special

                                        the size of this bathroom
                                        with me in it
                                        as well as the fly

This third senryu is relatively new having been written during NaHaiWriMo last year. But even so, it was still rejected its fair share of times before finding a place in Prune Juice's pages. NaHaiWriMo 2012 starts in just a few days, where people all over the world will be writing a haiku a day for the month of February. Check out all the information here. And who knows what place your haiku will eventually call its home...


  1. Thanks for sharing this website. :-)I will try to participate this Feb. whenever I can.

  2. Love your senryu and humour! I can relate to all but really love you and the fly in the bathroom. Really made me smile. True about poems finding their home but more important is your birthing them and enjoying them even if they remain 'orphans'. We all have plenty of our own. Andrea

  3. You're welcome, Christine. Glad you could find something new here :)

  4. Hi Andrea,
    Great to hear that you enjoyed my senryu :)
    I guess the poems that don't find a home out in the world have already found it here with me (the writer). They must need to stay close because the experience was only meant for me, for my learning, my processing of that moment in time, for the development of my soul. Maybe.