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Sunday, July 22, 2012

31 Different NaHaiWriMo Prompters in August 2012

An announcement from Michael Dylan Welch - creator and organiser of National Haiku Writing Month (NaHaiWriMo):

Dear NaHaiWriMos,

I’m pleased to let you know that, for the month of August, 2012, I’ve asked 31 different people to provide a single writing prompt for reach day of the month. I’ll be announcing the prompts each day, so you’ll discover not only a new writing prompt, but also learn who the day’s prompter is for each day. These 31 prompters include many of our past monthly prompters, plus a number of new folks. The prompters and prompts have all been selected, and the prompts are varied and fun, so August should be a particularly enjoyable month -- and hopefully a little different, to shake things up a bit.

Now, to make this idea even more fun, I’ve asked each of the 31 daily prompters to monitor all poems posted and to select at least five favourite poems written in response to their prompt. I’ve asked them to select haiku and senryu only (no haiga, but poems used in haiga can be considered). To be selected, poems should be previously unpublished (we'll assume so). So please post your best haiku and senryu, because the daily prompt providers will be on the lookout for their favourite poems from what you post (prompters, please also include one of your own poems if you write about your own prompt). If all goes well, I’d like to turn this into a PDF-format book that everyone can download for free. How does that sound?

In case you were wondering, I’m still working on the February book, which will be a grander and much larger print production. I plan to get that wrapped up by the end of August, but there are still a lot of variables. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your patience on that project -- I’m making progress.

Meanwhile, regarding the August project, I’m mentioning it now in case any of you have questions. Ask away! And maybe mentioning it now will also build anticipation. Shucks, you might even want to encourage friends to join us. Please do!

Thanks to all of you for your enthusiastic ongoing participation in NaHaiWriMo! Isn't this place a hoot?

Michael Dylan Welch

The NaHaiWriMo community Facebook page


  1. So glad you posted this, Kirsten! I keep missing important announcements like this! *sigh*

    Love you (and for keeping me in the loop!). *hugs*

  2. I think we all miss things from time to time and all of us bloggers and Facebookers help keep each other in the know! I wasn't aware of your 'blog bash' until Aubrie posted it to her blog :)
    I'm looking forward to this...
    Big *hugs*!

  3. Oh, I'm so excited. I'm planning on participating, too. :-)

  4. What a great idea. I've been very lax in posting but will see if I can log in to it a few minutes each day. I wish there were 60 hours in our days so I could fit in all that is as important and fun as this site is.

    Thanks for posting this and giving me a heads up!

  5. Great, Chrissi! Look forward to seeing you and your haiku there :)

  6. Merrill - I haven't posted there at all this year (a bit harder now I'm on dial-up!) but this has really piqued my interest, and doing something daily with poetry will be just what I need to get me through another month of treatment! :)

  7. Don't feel bad, Kirsten! I haven't posted there at all since February's NaHai. Hehehe. I'm so glad you're doing well. *hugs*

    Oh, p.s., I need to mail you the Tif Holmes' print from one of my previous giveaways--a thank you gift for all the support you'd given me as a poet!

  8. Gosh, thank you, Kathy! That's so very kind of you! I've received so many wonderful gifts this year from our haiku family, which includes all the amazing poetry as well as support and encouragement. I'm a much wealthier woman than I sometimes realise! :) *hugs*